video samples

The Answer: Feature Film Excerpt

The Answer is a great new feature, written and directed by Wade Wofford. I did dialog edit, and mixed the film.

Sweepstakes: Short Film Excerpt

This is an excerpt from a short film called “Sweepstakes,” directed by Mark Tumas, and starring Maria Dizzia (Orange is the New Black, Martha Marcy May Marlene). It screened in the shorts program at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. I did the sound mix here.

Apartment 4E: Feature Film Excerpt

This is an excerpt from a terrific feature, called Apartment 4E. A psychological thriller, the film was written and directed by Russell Sharman, and stars Nicole Beharie (Shame, Sleepy Hollow) and Christopher Domig. The film was released in 2012. I did sound design, and mixed the film.

T. 531: Short Film Excerpt

T. 531 is a sci-fi short, made for the Project Twenty1 Film Festival in 2014, and directed by James Ford-Hutchinson. It won Best Director and Best Cinematography. I did the sound design and mix here. The film was nominated for best Sound Design, but didn’t win. Next time!

Etsy Mobile App

This is a promotional video for Etsy, the online seller. I did sound design and the mix here.

Daily Show: Pride of America

Here’s a video clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It features a piece of music I engineered and co-produced for the show, with my friend Joe McGinty. The clip is slightly NSFW. Nothing too salacious, just a bit gross at times. Hey, it’s The Daily Show.

Mr. Arkadin Documentary Excerpt

This is an excerpt from a documentary on the making of the Orson Welles thriller Mr. Arkadin, a film with a tangled and confusing past, to say the least. It features Peter Bogdanovich, and film historians Stefan Drossler and Claude Bertemes.

Neo Pets

This is a commercial for a product called “Neo Pets”. I did the Sound Design on this one.

Floating Weeds Commentary Excerpt

This is an excerpt from the commentary track for Floating Weeds, a film directed by the Japanese film director Yasujiro Ozu. The commentary is by the late Roger Ebert. Interestingly, when Ebert lost his ability to speak a few years later this commentary, as well as others, was used by speech synthesis experts to recreate his voice on computer, which Ebert then used to communicate.

Days of Heaven Commentary Excerpt

This is an excerpt from a commentary I edited and mixed for the Criterion Collection edition of the Terrence Malick film “Days of Heaven”. It features the film’s Editor, Billy Weber, Art Director Jack Fisk, Costume Designer Patricia Norris, and Casting Director Dianne Crittendon.