audio samples

Two Family House
This is the main musical theme, which I engineered and mixed for the critically acclaimed film Two Family House, which won the Audience Award at Sundance in 2000. The composer is Stephen Endelman.

Rick Moody interview
Here’s an excerpt from a reading and interview given by author Rick Moody. He’s reading from his short story The Mansion on the Hill, followed by a brief interview segment.

American Dream
This is the main theme, which I engineered and mixed for the 1998 TV series The American Dream. It was composed by Stephen Endelman.

Telephone High
This is a single which I engineered and co-produced for a band called Fictura. Kind of a Badfinger meets Tommy Tutone sort of track.

Eyes of an Angel
This is one of my favorite tracks off an album called Mass, which I engineered and co-produced with an artist named Amanda Thorpe. No Chris Isaak comments, please.

Cry Little Sister
I engineered and mixed this track, which was the theme song to the vampire flick classic The Lost Boys. This film was the opening salvo in the hip-vampire-hottie genre which is all the rage these days. Also, one of Keifer Sutherland’s first starring roles. The producers were Michael Mainieri and Bruce Martin. Top ten record, don’tcha know.

Well, In That Case…
This unusually-titled instrumental track is by the jazz group Steps Ahead. It’s the lead-off track from the highly acclaimed album NYC, which I engineered and mixed. It was produced by the group’s leader, Michael Mainieri.

This is the lead-off track from an album on Columbia, that I recorded and mixed for the fine pianist Rachel Nicolazzo, also known as Rachel Z. The song’s composer is Miles Davis. The producer on this recording was Michael Mainieri.